Pocket Watch Club


"The Pocket Watch Club provides a forum to discuss early American Watches, companies and the individuals that made them. It is a collectors' club which focuses on research and has an educational forum which provides the advanced and beginning collectors with knowledge, study, and discussions of watch histories, collecting and people involved with horology throughout the ages.


As a horologist, I recognize my obligation towards the public and my industry. It is my intention to be worthy of the confidence and respect of those with whom I come in contact in horology. For this purpose I have pledged myself as follows:

  • In my relations with the public:

    1. To furnish other members advice on horological matters to the best of my ability.

    2. To trade at prices that commensurate with a reasonable return on my investment and then prevailing market conditions.

    3. To purchase watches from the public at reasonable prices with due allowance for buyer's risk and prevailing market conditions.

    4. To neither broadcast, publish, nor advertise, in any manner, any representation or any implication with intent to create a false or incorrect conclusion with regard to my own goods, prices, or services, or those of a competitor or to make false claims to a policy, or to make any false representation as to my prices or those of my competitors.

    5. To assist recognized governmental authorities in the prosecution of violators of the law in horological matters.

    6. To refrain from knowingly dealing in stolen watches or clocks, tools or other horological material or publications or offering counterfeits or altered specimens that are legal to own, to furnish collectors with a documentation showing in detail, the nature of such items sold and when selling a maried or switched watch or clock where known, and to furnish the buyer with an invoice showing in detail the nature of such item sold.

    7. To accurately attribute merchandise.

  • The following constitute unfair or deceptive acts:
    1. Knowingly offer or sell items that are fake.
    2. Offering any misleading price comparison.
    3. Misrepresenting the origin of a watch or clock, its provenance, pedigree or deceptively stating a source of a watch or clock. Representing that a watch or clock is from an estate or of a particular provenance unless such statement is true.
    4. Misrepresenting the value of a watch or clock.
    5. Failing to identify switched watches or clocks.
    6. Using high pressure sales techniques to sell horological items.
    7. Reporting or utilizing a price realized at any auction sale unless such use is of a watch or clock that actually sold at the price and circumstances represented.
    8. Major repairing or restoration any clock or watch without disclosure.
    9. Promising immediate delivery of goods where the same is not possible, and not disclosing in a deferred delivery the reasons therefor in a manner consistent with all local, state and federal requirements.